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About us

We are a global team of Latin American Associate Consultants specialized in Organizational Development, implementing our Consulting and Training services with excellence with operations in 21 countries of the continent developing talents, developing organizations. Delighted to add value to your initiatives for business continuity, transition in change processes, growth and development of your organization.

Ernesto Yturralde
A work group becomes a work team, from the moment that all its members, committed, maintain common objectives and direct their efforts towards the same goal, inspired by a Leader who develops their potential and capabilities.

Our Clientes

During 38 years, we have developed skills surpassing 81,000 people of 35 nationalities in 1,650 organizations from various productive sectors, government organizations and NGOs in organizations such as Catalonia Hotels & Resorts Repúbica Dominicana, Macrotech, Edwards Lifesciences, Blandino, UNILEVER Ecuador, UNICEF Latin America and the Caribbean, Microsoft, Halliburton Panamá, Durman Costa Rica / Aliaxis Europa, Coca Cola Perú, PEMEX México, Caterpillar Ecuador, Grupo Recordar Colombia, ACP | Autoridad del Canal de Panamá, Family Food USA, EPSON Ecuador, Naciones Unidas, Banco Agrario de Colombia, Houghton, Mifflin Harcourt UK, Nipro Medical Miami, among other large, medium-sized companies and SMEs.


ERNESTO YTURRALDE, Whatsapp Consultor Senior, Speaker, Facilitador

Ernesto Yturralde, Annual Retreats Team Building Trainer & Speaker

Ernesto Yturralde Tagle is Ecuadorian and he recognizes himself as a global citizen. He has developed his international career as a Facilitator, Lecturer / Speaker, Coach & Mentor since March 1985, with a trajectory on the way to 4 decades.

He leads Ernesto Yturralde Worldwide Inc. and is passionate about the Experiential Learning methodology in training and transformation processes and a promoter of Intrategia. He works as a Senior Consultant in the area of ​​Organizational Development and Facilitator for various institutions, commercial, industrial and service companies in various projects including United Nations Agencies, Microsoft, Unilever, Concorde Group, Merck, Epson, Halliburton, DELL, among other large, medium and small companies. Creator of the Design of the Values ​​Program of the ACP | Panama Canal Authority for the period 2014 - 2018.

Proffesional Guilds

Founder and Past President of IFS | International Facilitators Society, Member of AEE | Association for Experiential Education, ICF | International Coach Federation, ACCT | Association for Challenge Course Technology, IMA | International Mentoring Association, TWCC | The World Café Community, The Foundation for Critical Thinking, member of the Wikinamics Community.

Development Spotlights

Certificate in the Open Cards methodology with OpenMind, Horse Assisted Leadership - EGE Equine Guided Education with Pacagua Argentina, Certificate in Coaching-Play Colombia, Certificate in POY "Points Of You" at Points Of You Academy in Ecuador; Certified in the Trainer of Trainers registry of SETEC Ecuador, participant in the Critical Thinking Training for Trainers and Advance Academy in Bentonville, AK - Foundation for Critical Thinking.

Proffesional Contributions

He is the creator of the OTC Certification of Facilitators programs in the Experiential Learning methodology and the Online Program: MASTERCLASS, Training for Trainers. Creator of the Debriefing Cards ® and Debriefing Balls ® system to enhance processing in learning processes. Author of the “Vademecum of the Facilitator” and “Inspiring Leaders: The New GEFE: Happiness Manager”. Author of the Yturralde Matrix in Service Excellence. Author of "Yturralde's Debriefing Model": Model of the 4 Elements, a practical model to provoke reflection and learning, a model successfully presented in 2012 in Boston, Massachusetts at the ACCT | Association for Challenge Course Technology for the Guild of Anglo-Saxon Experiential Facilitators, for the Guild of Latin American Facilitators at AEE | Association for Experiential Education in Jacksonville-USA, and in Medellín-Colombia; and in Guanajuato-Mexico, before ALFA | Latin American Association of Facilitators.


He has received from the IFS Recognition Committee the "Platinum Triskel" in Bogotá, Colombia at the "Triskel IFS Awards 2019"; "International Speaker Of The Year" by the CIC | International Chamber of Speakers in Lima, Peru; "EMAR Emeritus | High Performance Mental Strategist" in Puebla, Mexico; "Ambassador" and "Master Speaker" by the CIC in Quito, Ecuador; the "Recognition of the trajectory in the field of Experiential Learning" in CUMLAF | Latin American Summit of Facilitators in Cusco, Peru and the "Recognition of Experience" for Coaching-Play in Cartagena, Colombia; among other mentions as "International Speaker of the Year" in 2013 and 2015.

He is a Trainer of Trainers, Mentor / Executive Coach, Facilitator and International Lecturer on topics related to Soft-Skills for the installation and development of job skills: Leadership, Teamwork, Communication, Coaching, Organizational Development, Capital Development and Human Talent, Conflict Management, Excellence in Customer Service and Sales. Interacting virtually and in person with his conferences, seminars and workshops at universities and organizations globally.

He leads several Processes of Training and Certification of Competences in Transformational Leadership, Experiential Facilitators, Masterclass Training of Trainers and Outdoor Trainers for Applicants of 25 nationalities.